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PheeNet WMS-308N - контроллер точек доступа

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Основные функции:

Основные функции контроллера PheeNet WMS-308N


1        Access Point Management and Support

1.1  WMS-308N Network Access Gateway / Controller Support  

·         Max: 120 Access Points per Controller

·         Max: 1000 wireless client per Controller

·         Provide Local Account : 5000   

1.2  AP Management – Control - Monitoring

1.2.1        Centralized AP Management

·          AP Group management –maintain a set of setting templates that simplify the task to assign the same setting to multiple APs

·          AP-Automatic configuration and provisioning by WMS-308N

·          Locally maintained configuration profiles for managed APs

·          Auto discovery for managed APs

·          Automatic recovery of APs in case of system failure

·          Central firmware Upgrade-Select multiple APs and upgrade their firmware at the same time , including bulk upgrade

·          Remote Firmware upgrade

·          Zero Configuration technology to restore defective AP’s setting onto the replacement AP

1.2.2        Central AP Control

·         Provides MAC address Control list of client stations for each managed APs              

·         Access Filter

·         Time-based AP access control

·         Single UI for upgrading and restoring managed APs’ firmware

·         Max allowed APs

·         Support Roaming – Intra-Switch , Inter-band , Inter-Switch

1.2.3        Central AP Monitoring

·        Monitor AP Status

·        The number of associated clients to the AP

·        The AP RF information

·        Associated Station List

·        Monitoring IP List

·        Load balancing based on number of users

·        Load balancing based on utilization

·        AP User Statistic – Maintain all wireless clients connection history and depict statics in diagrams

·        Support Monitor IP on third-party APs

·        System alarms and status reports on managed APs

·        Topology Monitor-list monitored device; periodically updates devices’                    status

·        AP life check-real time tracking monitors APs status (AP Health Checking)

·        Provide centralized remote management via HTTP/SNMP interface

·        Support MIB’s: 802.11, 802.1X, MIBII, RADIUS authentication, RADIUS                    Accounting

·        SYSLOG support including remote servers

·        Log-system log: operator action log


1.3  Radio Resource Management 

·                     Automatic Channel Assignment and power setting for controlled APs

·                     Simultaneous air monitoring and end user service

·                     Self-healing coverage based on dynamic RF condition

·                     Dense deployment options for capacity optimizations

·                     Multiple BSSID per Radio: 8

·                     Hot Standby at AP mode (supports fail-over as a standby AP)

·                     Load Balance with another available AP (Real-time users                             limitation)

·                     Radio Management

·                     Coverage interference detection


1.4  Convergence

·                     8 Hardware queues per port

·                     IEEE802.11p Class of Service/Quality of Service (CoS/QoS)

·                     IEEE802.11e Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)

·                     DiffServ Codpoint (DSCP)


1.5  Wireless Encryption

·                     WPA personal and enterprise

·                     WPA2 personal and enterprise

·                     AES(CCMP): 128bit (FIP-197)

·                     WEP40/64 and 104/128-bit

·                     TKIP: RC4-40

·                     SSL and TLS: RC4 128-bit and RSA1024 and 2048 bit

·                     EAP-TLS, EAP-TTL/MSCHAPv2


1.6  Wireless Security

·           IEEE802.1X network login user authentication (EAP-MD5/TLS/TTLs)

·           EAP over LAN (EAPoL) transport with PEAP and EAP-TLS                                     authentication

                                           ·           RADIUS server authentication (RFC2618)

                                           ·           IEEE802.1X user authentication of controller management on controller                                            ·           Telnet and console sessions

                                           ·           Multiple access privilege levels

                                           ·           Hierarchical management and password protection for management                                                            interface

                                           ·           EAP offload for AAA server scalability and survivability

                                           ·           Stateful 802.1X authentication for standalone APs

                                           ·           SSID and Location based authentication

                                           ·           Multi-SSID support for operation of Multiple WLANs

                                           ·           Simultaneous Centralized and distributed WLAN support


1.7  Identity –Based Security

·                     802.1X Authentication with WPA,WAP2 and 802.11i

·                     Local Accounts of 802.1X Authentication

·                     Support RADIUS /LDAP for AAA server

·                     User Name and encryption key binding for strong network                             identity creation

·                     Local User Data Base for AAA fail-over protection


1.8  Wireless Roaming Support

·                     Inter AP roaming

·                     Fast roaming

·                     L2 roaming


2       User Management

·         Support 1000 simultaneous authentication users

·         Max 5000 Pregenerated/ On-Demand/ Local RADIUS/ authentication users 

·         Users Session Management

·         Configurable user Black list (with schedule)

·         Allows MAC address and user identity binding for local user authentication

·         Authentication methods supported: Pregenerated/ On-Demand, Local                         RADIUS, LDAP, and Remote RADIUS 

·         SSL protected login portal page

·         Session idle timer

·         Login Session idle time out setting 

·         Session and account expiration control

·         User Log and traffic statistic notification via automatically email service

·         Login time frame control

·         Session limit

·         Real-Time Online Users Traffic Statistic Reporting

  •  Support local account roaming
  •  Seamless Mobility: User-centric networking manages wired and wireless users as they roam between ports or wireless APs


3       Service Domain 

·         Integrating with WAP-854NP/ WAP-954GP and other future PheeNet products            to have Service Domain feature and each Service Domain can have its own                settings:

·         The network is divided into maximum of 8 groups, each defined by VLAN Tag

·         Each Domain has its own (1) login portal page (2) authentication options (3)             LAN/VLAN interface IP address range (4) Session number limit control (5)                   Traffic shaping (6) IP Plug and Play (IP PnP) (7) Multiple Authentication

·         Enable DHCP or not, and DHCP address range

·         Enable authentication or not

·         Types of authentication options (Local, RADIUS, LDAP, On-Demand and                      Pregenerated) 

·         Web login/ logout/ redirected page (customizable) 

3.1  Default Policy

·         NAT or Route Mode

·         Specific Route (WAN1 or WAN2 , or a specified gateway)

·         Login schedule

·         Bandwidth (max/min)


4       Authentication

·         Authentication : single sign-on (SSO) client with authentication integrated into the             local authentication environment through local/domain, LDAP, RADIUS, MAC                     authentication, and 802.1X

·         Customizable Login and Logout Portal Pages

·         Customizable Advertisement Links on Login Portal Page

·         User authentication with UAM (Universal Access Method), 802.1X/EAPoLAN, MAC              address

·         Allow MAC address and user identity binding for local user authentication

·         No. Of Registered RADIUS Servers: 2

·         Support MAC control list (ACL)

·         Support Multiple Login service on one Accounts

·         Support auto-expired guest accounts

·         Users can be divided into user groups

·         Each group (role) may get different network policies in different service zones 

  • Max simultaneous user session (TCP/UDP) limit
  • Configurable user black list
  • Export/Import local users list to/from a text file
  • Web-based Captive Portal for SSL browser-based authentication

·         Authentication Type


·         RFC2865 RADIUS Authentication

·         RFC3579 RADIUS Support for EAP

·         RFC3748 Extensible Authentication Protocol

·         MAC Address authentication

      ·         Web-based captive portal authentication


5       Authorization

Authorization: access control to network resource such as protected network with Intranet, Internet, bandwidth, VPN, and full stateful packet firewall


6       Accounting

·         Provides billing plans for Pregenerated accounts

·         Provides billing plans for On-Demand accounts

·         Enables session expiration control for On-Demand accounts by time (hour) and               data volume (MB)

·         Detailed per-user traffic history based on time and data volume for both local and             on-demand accounts

·         Support local on-demand and external RADIUS server 

·         Contain 10 configurable billing plans for on-demand accounts 

·         Support credit card billing system by PayPal

·         Provide session expiration control for on-demand accounts

·         Support automatic email network traffic history


7       Dual WAN

 Load Balancing

·             Outbound Fault Tolerance

·             Outbound load balance

·             Multiple Domain Support

·             By Traffic

·             Bandwidth Management by individual and distribution on different network(Service                 Domain)

  • WAN Connection Detection


8       QoS Enforcement

·         Packet classification via DSCP (Differentiated Services code Point ) 

·         Diff/ToS

·         IEEE802.11p/CoS

·         IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN priority control

·         IEEE 802.11e WMM

·         Automatic mapping of WMM priorities to 802.1p and IP DSCP

·         IGMP Snooping for efficient multicast delivery

·         Upload and Download Traffic Management


9       Firewall

·         Built-in DoS attack protection

·         Inspection Full stateful packet filter

·         Access Control List

·         Layer 7 Protocol Blocking

·         Multiple Domain Support

·         Active Firewall Session – 16,000


10  Network

·         Support NAT or Router Mode

·         Support Static IP, Dynamic IP (DHCP Client), PPPoE and PPTP on WAN                             connection

·         DHCP Server per Interface; Multiple DHCP Networks

·         802.3 Bridging

·         Proxy DNS/Dynamic DNS

·         IP/Port destination redirection

·         DMZ server mapping

·         Virtual server mapping

·         H.323 pass-through

·         Built-in with DHCP server

·         Support Static Routing

·         Binding VLAN with Ethernet interface

·         Support MAC Filter

·         Support IP Filter

·         Support Walled garden (free surfing zone)

·         Support MAC-address and IP –address pass through

·         Support IP Plug and Play (IP PnP)


11  System Administration

·         Three administrator accounts

·         Provide customizable login and logout portal page

·         CLI access (Remote Management) via Telnet and SSH

·         Remote firmware upgrade (via the Web)

·         Utilities to backup and restore the system configuration

·         Full Statistics and Status Reporting

·         Real-time traffic monitoring

·         Ping Watchdog 


12  Network Management

·         Event Syslog

·         Status monitoring of on-line users

·         IP-based monitoring of network devices

·         Interface connection status

·         Support Syslog for diagnosing and troubleshooting

·         User traffic history logging 

·         User’s session log can be sent to Syslog server

·         Remote Syslog reporting to external server

·         Traffic Analysis and Statistics

·         SNMP v1, v2c, v3

·         SNMP Traps to a list of IP Addresses

·         Support MIB-II

·         NTP Time Synchronization

·         Administrative Access : HTTP / HTTPS

PheeNet WMS-308N  контроллер точек доступа WiFi является центром управления беспроводной сети, одновременно сочетает в себе IP-маршрутизатор / Firewall / Multi- WAN / QoS, а так же AAA шлюз (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting).  Контроллер WMS-308N создан для быстрого развертывания и обеспечения надежной работы защищённых Wi-Fi сетей средних и крупных предприятий, складов, офисов, гостиниц и торговых центров.

Встроенный AAA шлюз позволяет настроить общедоступные сервисы, используя гибкие правила и ограничения клиентского доступа, без дополнительного сервера RADIUS. Это удобно для беспроводных сетей кафе, отелей , торговых центров или университетов, где необходимо развернуть коммерческую WiFi сеть. Провайдер будет иметь полную информацию о клиентских подключениях (времени соединения, объеме переданных / полученных данных, биллинга и т.д.)

Поддержка контроллером WMS-308N функции бесшовного роуминга, а так же высокая производительность системы позволяет полностью осуществить переход проводной корпоративной сети на беспроводную. Данная функция позволит сотрудникам иметь непрерывное WiFi соединение при перемещение в зоне покрытия беспроводной сети (IP телефония и мобильные устройства)

Функция предварительного генерирования и печати паролей, реализованная в контроллере PheeNet позволит сохранить надёжность корпоративной сети, не усложняя процедуру предоставления гостевого доступа.


Видеоинструкция “Как настроить бесшовный роуминг на контроллере Pheenet WMS-308N”



Тестирование времени переключения (handover) между точками доступа Pheenet под управлением контроллера WMS-308N